False Flag – Latest Premium Yoruba Nollywood Movie Drama 2016 Full[HD]

HIV AIDS is not a death sentence neither is it the end of the world, A reputable Councillor reacts negatively to his son’s decision to marry an HIV Patient, She did not at any moment practice what she teaches and her attitude lead to a dead end.. This Amazing and lesson filled movie “FALSE FLAG” Will educate us more on the disease HIV Aids and also to stop STIGMATIZATION!

ANA BURUKU (FULL Movie) – Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 | Starring Yomi Gold, Fathia Balogun.

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Psychosis[Gan Gan Gan] PREMIUM Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Liz Anjorin| Joke Muyiwa |Akin Kolapo

When our loyalty is tested how we respond may make or mar our relationships. Kunle found himself in a very tight corner, a decision has to be taken. What’s the consequences? Find out in this very educative and entertaining movie Psychosis produced and directed by Tunde Ola Yusuf starring Joke Muyiwa, Liz Anjorin, Akin Kolapo, Eniola Odunsi, Tunde Ola Yusuf, Ayanfe Adekunle, Adeyemi Adeyemo, Adams Mustafa, Victoria Ajibola and many more…

Lasma- Latest Premium Yoruba Nollywood Movie Drama 2016 Full[HD] Starring Allwell Ademola

The development and the sanity of a community no matter how small it is, is meant to be a joint effort by both the occupants of that environment and the government at large, But rather the individuals also are wolves in sheep clothing! Enjoy this comedy and lesson filled movie “LASMA”

Starring-Allwell ademola, funsho adeolu, doris simeon, Tayo amokade [Ijebu], saheed balogun, Tope solaja

Agboye – Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Drama 18+

Agboye is the story of a man who will always make love to his wife uncontrollably even when she just gave birth. He feels sex is the best way he can express is love. When she couldn’t bear it no more, she went to an elder who teaches the man how well to care for a woman.


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PATE PATE [FULL MOVIE] | Latest Yoruba Movie 2016 Starring Odunlade Adekola

PATE PATE [A Blockbuster Movie] is the story of people that seek fame, upliftment and success at all cost.

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Ipin – Latest Yoruba Movie Drama 2016 [Premium] Muyiwa Ademola | Saidi Balogun

It’s the Osun Osogbo Festival again where Fours friends attended to experience the events of the Festival. There, jokingly, they consulted the Osun Priestess who foresaw their future. Years after then, they remembered the saying that says: A man’s destiny is in his hands like the hands prints, it can never be erased.

You will love this movie if you believe in the Yoruba traditional religion that says a man’s destiny has been unknowingly assigned to him while in heaven. Ipin. Destiny.


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